Sven Van de Perre

As a kid of the 70’, Sven experienced the rise of video games during his early teens.

Sven is one of the pioneers of the Belgian gaming business and has been working in the gaming and software development industry for over 25 years.

As an experienced game designer with multiple award winning games under his belt, he knows game mechanics and how they drive people to action through and through.

In the last four years, Sven has been advising start-ups, SME’s and multinationals on how best to implement new technologies.

During those assignments, it became clear to him that the biggest obstacle in growing any company is not how to best use technology, but how to create the best team.

The Lack of structure to facilitate growth or change, prevents any new initiative, technological or otherwise, to take hold and create a lasting effect.

With Brand New Game, it is Sven’s mission to leverage video-game mechanics to make that happen.














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